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Internet Access

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2024 update

Cogeco fiber is here, no more conversation necessary. Excellent service 1000Mbps/1000Mbps.

Starlink is available for self-sufficient (generator) backup requirements.


Old news:

EspaceNet has signs advertising their service being available on the lake - if you haven't noticed here's a link to their website.

They have several installations around the lake - consult the forums for any reviews!

Other Internet Options:

Currently, the only carrier-level providers to offer high-speed access in the area are Rogers and Bell/Telus. While it is possible to get Satellite-based internet service it is painfully slow in comparison and very expensive.

Bell and Telus are migrating their networks to the technology already in use by Rogers, which can provide speeds up to 21MB/s and up to 150MB/s after the 4G LTE rollout, timing for which is generally unanounced. In our area, speeds are limited to about 7Mbps in theory and 3-5Mbps in practice. (see the speedtest link on the home page or updates in the forum)

Rogers offers two simple ways of connecting to this high speed service. It is portable and provides service throughout most of Canada.

1) The Rocket Stick, which is a USB key sized modem
2) The Rocket HUB, which is a stand-alone box that plugs into a electrical power outlet.

The Rocket hub provides at minimum High speed internet (wired or wireless) to your household. It can also provide land-line style telephone service for $15 more per month. This additional telephone service is usable with existing telephone wiring/jacks and phones in your home.

Even though the calls technically pass over the cellular network, there are no per-minute charges for the larger "cellular-local" area, including traditional "Bell" local and extending to Montreal and beyond. For $20 more, you can get unlimited calling in all of Canada. Data rate plans automatically scale to the next level. This telephone line does not interfere with the internet connection provided by the very same box.

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Here is information directly from their webpage:

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