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Website and Forum Code of Conduct

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The Lac Pilon Website and Forum were designed, developed and launched in 2010 to encourage and aid in the private, secure, and productive sharing of information between residents and to facilitate communication between The Lac Pilon Association and the residents of Lac Pilon. The Website and Forum are for the benefit of all users and offers residents a platform to easily share and discuss issues related to the local environment, lake activities, news and local concerns. When used for positive messaging and respectful dialogue, it can enrich all Lac Pilon residents’ quality of life. In addition to being a communication tool, the website was conceived to record, document, centralize, and share the history of the lake and its community. As such, The Website and Forum were designed with privacy in mind. The intent was to veer from public offerings (i.e. Facebook) which did not allow granular control of the privacy of content that was deemed essential to achieve participation and confidence from Lac Pilon Association Membership.


The Lake Pilon Association (“The Association”) created the Lac Pilon Website (“The Website”) to offer an online communication platform and historic data archive for The Membership. The Website’s mission is to adhere to the Lac Pilon Association’s mandate to protect the common interests and enhance the quality of life of Lac Pilon Association Members (”Members”), on or around Lac Pilon. The Website Administrator(s) (“The Administrator(s)”) is a volunteer position appointed by The Association Board of Directors to oversee the architecture and maintenance of The Website.


  • This Code of Conduct shall govern User access, visits and participation on the Lac Pilon Website and Forum. By accessing and utilizing The Website and Forum you agree to adhere to this Code of Conduct,

  • The Administrator(s) reserve the right to edit or delete a post that contravenes any of the rules stated within this Code of Conduct,

  • Post moderation (edits and deleting) and user warnings are made by The Site Administrator(s) in consultation with The Association Board of Directors,

  • Removal of website access privileges is judged to be the most conservative and protective action to take in reaction to a breach of The Code of Conduct,

  • Any User wishing to inquire about / or contest the removal of website privileges of their own account may communicate directly with The Administrator(s) or The Association Board of Directors,

  • A User may appeal the Website Administrator(s)’ decisions by communicating in writing their objection to The Board. The Board will review the evidence and provide a ruling. All decisions of The Board are considered final,

  • The Association Board of Directors will review this Code of Conduct regularly and modify the document as required, at any time.


  • The Website is an online platform that offers Users a secure and confidential forum to communicate in a respectful, constructive, and positive manner with one another and The Association. The Website is the principal communication tool for The Association. All notices, invitations, event announcements and updates will be posted by The Association on The Website Forum,

  • Historic documents, including, but not limited to, The Association’s AGM agendas, minutes, surveys, environmental test results and reports are hosted on The Website and accessible for Users’ review. In so much as sensitive documentation resides on The Website, Users agree not to allow, encourage or provide a non-member access to The Website. Users further agree not to disseminate proprietary information, documentation or communications to non-members without the express written consent of the President of The Association or their designate,

  • In order to facilitate and encourage respectful dialogue, neither the Board of Directors nor the Website Administrator officially moderate the forum activity or individual posts. It is therefore the responsibility of Users to inform others and the Board of any offensive or inappropriate activity as part of the membership and forum community.


  1. Personal information and communications contained within The Website are considered confidential and may not be disclosed or communicated in any format to persons, organizations, institutions or enterprises not directly affiliated with the Lac Pilon Association,

  2. The Association, its Board of Directors and The Administrators don’t warrant the accuracy, completeness or usefulness of any posts published on the forums and assume no liability for content provided by other users,

  3. Users should exercise both common sense and courtesy in the messages they transmit on The Association Website and may not use The Association to transmit defamatory, obscene, and otherwise offensive communications,

  4. Before posting, search around for related topics that you may contribute to,

  5. Be aware of internet website etiquette. Take the time to inform yourself if you are unfamiliar with general website protocols,

  6. Users should be aware that once something is posted online it has an infinite lifespan,

  7. Be respectful of conflicting opinions, do not intentionally disparage or offend others,

  8. Be truthful and honest, do not post something that is misleading or demonstrably false. Endeavour to retract false statements publicly if you are informed of their falsehood,

  9. Stay on topic when engaging in an online discussion. Don’t intentionally derail threads and don’t troll. Thread bumping, hijacking or posting comments that are unrelated to the original thread is not acceptable conduct,

  10. Users may not post content, images, information, products, activities or solicitations that contravene the Criminal Code of Canada,

  11. Threats to property or persons will not be tolerated and will result in immediate and indefinite suspension of posting privileges,

  12. Users are cautioned that threats, intimidation, and/or harassment may result in an offended party pursuing legal action,

  13. Users are expected to treat one another with respect and kindness, even if they may not agree with each other.